Phototherapy Workshops by Dr. Anat Botzer

"A process violates an entire year in which I revive and infuse my life and spirit.
Demonstrating sensitivity and creativity more unseen in the deserted university rooms.
You strengthen my life and you streamed a new blood in me, in the whole group …. so admirable. You were able to carry away a whole group with your supreme knowledge, with me in it !.
Thank you Anat for being a part of my life.

− Debby, 2014

"An arsenal of abundant creativity personal and group empowerment through protection, compassion, knowledge, power and huge soul. Exercises that have taken me on journeys into the unknown of myself, I was able to open drawers that were locked, and helped me to obtain the key. The variety of tools and new experiences through the camera and new possibilities that you opened up for me as a photographer to see things differently through the lens, or try to climb higher, or to dig deeper.
I went through an inspiring year because of you."

− Roy, 2014

"Dr. Anat Botzer has demonstrated extensive knowledge in various fields (She is a walking google). Her workshops were profound, empowering and inspirational, just like her!

− Daniele. 2015

"Therapy triggers a change on a photo if it contains at least one of the 4 secrets
*The secret of the object
*The secret of the photographer
*The secret of the viewer- witness
*The secret of culture"

− Dr. Anat Botzer

" Early Bird Discounts

Register and pay before 15.9.2015, for the workshop. will be given you 10% discount for all of our workshops.
Payment must be received before 15.9 to qualify for this discount, or the course fee will revert to the non-discounted Standard Fee.

*Group discount will be given depending on the number of participants. "

− Early Bird

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