Anat Botzer ,Phd.

Is a registered Psychotherapist, Phototherapist, Family & Couple Therapist, Dance-Movement Therapist, Director and Artist.

She is one of the earliest pioneers of Phototherapy in Israel. She wrote doctoral dissertation on Psychotherapy and Photography at Bar-Ilan University in the Interdisciplinary Department of Culture and Hermeneutics for Excellent Students. The subject of the dissertation is The Passion between the Psychotherapist and his Client Compared with the Passion between the Photographer and his Object.

Anat has a significant private practice in Psychotherapy and Phototherapy at her Clinic in Tel Aviv.

She is the founder and the head of two graduate programs of Phototherapy: Tel-Aviv University (a one-year program for licensed psychologists)  and in Hakibbuzim College  (a three-year training program for graduate students with Bachelor’s degree in  Psychology). This program is an international program. Each year internationally well-known Phototherapists are invited to lead intensive workshops to the students.

Anat has planned and lead an annual Phototherapy Conference in Tel-Aviv University in various  subjects since 2011.

2011 – “Gazing and Observing the Light”.

2012 – “The Photograph as a Dream”.

2013 – “From the Silent Body to the Desirous Body”. (Phototherapy: Jacques Lacan meets Pina Bausch)

2015 –” Anorectic photography – Bulimic photography ”

In Israel, she initiated many Phototherapy projects – i.e. Phototherapy Workshop and Exhibition with 60 Cancer patients and their families – funded by Roche Intenethenal Pharmaceuticals.

Anat has organized and lead Interpersonal Phototherapy Journeys all over the word: The Indian Himalayas, Thailand, South India and the beautiful Tuscany region in Italy.

In the field of PhotoTherapy she is an innovative leader, a well-appreciated lecturer, teacher, trainer and consultant.

Attached: youtube interview in the Israeli T.V.